Case of the blahs...

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Mood as depicted by Pumpkin, Midnight and Dante.

In the DMV it snowed, and due to freezing temps a lot of it is still out there.  The first day, it was beautiful and glimmery and yay, finally snow for the DMV in a while.

Like a true DMVer I'm over it as another snow storm might hit tomorrow.

I'm sleepy, I'm tired, and I don't wanna do anything...

Have you felt the same? Especially during these cold winter months?  Want any tips and tricks to help with "the blahs"?  Good, because here they come.

  • Grooming and Hygiene - as annoying as they can be when you have no spoons/energy or feeling blah, it actually does help.  
  • Wear an outfit - you get to decide if you're going for cool, sexy, comfy, funny, cute, the one that resonates for you.  Today I went with presentable, cute, comfy and I put skincare which is the equivalent of putting on make-up for folks who do.
  • Take a selfie and send to your favorite cheerleaders. I post some really great content on my social medias, important content and info, the ones that get the most likes and reactions?  Just a regular pic of my ol' self. Your friends and family love seeing you, even if you don't think you look your best. Post that selfie, get that serotonin boost, you look great!
  • One small win - Complete one task, no matter how big or small. You can make dinner tonight? Yes, warming up the frozen pizza and putting salad from bag into bowl 1000% counts!  Also it can be completing a work thing (like writing a blog for your practice's site...LOL).
  • Sharing is Caring - let others know you're in the blahs, maybe they'll have the energy or ability to make you laugh, sit with you or nag you, whatever form of love they offer you.
  • TREAT YO' SELF - No seriously, do a safe activity that brings you joy. A boba tea? Some drawing? Knit a couple of rows? Do some stretches or dance around? Write that fan fiction!
  • Grace - please allow yourself the grace to have these days, weeks, hours whatever. You're allowed to take it easy.
  • If too many of these days happen, then guess what you're not alone, work with one of our counselors or seek therapy elsewhere. You don't have to tough this out solo.

Here's wishing you small burts and energy, but remember, you're allowed to rest and recharge.

--Margarita Martinez

PS I'm gonna go eat a snack and take a nap, after posting this selfie.