MCC's Furbabies/Mascotas

At Multicultural Career Center, LLC - MCC for short, are very proud to share the furbabies who also are here to support you in your wellness journey, help you triumph academically and soar professionally.

We are not currently able to schedule these guys for consults, but we did want to share them because they may make a sneak appearance in your next session with our humans.

Buster (doggo) listening intently to your concerns.

First Up is our doggo Buster!  He belongs to Karina, MCC's Resident in Counseling!  Don't let his adorable face fool you, he is listening intently and offering you all the confidentialities possible.  He learned his best listening skills from Karina!

Next we have our Senior Kitty, Mr. Spooky Monster Martinez, you can call him Spooky for short.  He hopes his face of concern conveys how much empathy and non-judgemental support he has to offer. He's our Supervising Furbaby and he takes on from his daddy, Roberto

We can't forget our beloved Pumpkin, who is our second puppers but not to be forgotten. He may be the youngest in our team, but he's here to remind us that new professionals usually have the most recent up to date therapuetic techniques.  Just like his human sibling, Karina

Lastly, but certainly not least is our beloved Midnight who is also featured on his dad's Psychology Today profile.  He's not here to talk about him though, and wants to highlight his parent Margarita. Midnight can do it all and has his paws in all the pots, he learned to diversify his skills just like his parent Margarita.  He's looking out and wants to know he's available to also body double with Margarita in helping you complete important tasks!

Dante wanted to sneak in real quick and say that he loves MCC!  Yeah, he doesn't belong to anyone who currently works here, but he still wanted to stop by and say Hey!

"He doesn't even go here!!" Spooky shouts.

It's okay Spooky, you're right, he's not an MCC pet but you can be nicer to your cousin Dante!