New Year....New me?

The state of a calendar year, and all the pressures to change, make resolutions and improve...

New Year baby, 2024, and the new me?  What is it about the start of the calendar year that inspires us to make changes?

Who is to say that the Calendar year is the time to start? For folks here in the DMV (Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC) we're getting into the swing of winter, a time of hibernation, rest and restoring ourselves for the next Spring.  

Or let's look at other cultural calendars, the Lunar New Year celebrated by lots of Asian countries. The Lunar New Year is decided on the second new moon after winter solstice.   That will be February 10th, do we make resolutions then?  What does the year of the Dragon represent for us?  The year of the dragon who is ambitious, energetic, charismatic and inspires us with renewed passion and enthusiasm, are we entering our year of imposter-free leadership?

Want to talk Astrology?  Well, the mercury retrograde has ended so any hiccups with communication and interpretation will hopefully clear up.  Does this give us the opportunity to make our intent clearer, our intent to change?  The new moon here in the West falls on the 11th, and according to my googles at 6:57 am (est) in Capricorn.  Capricorn, similar characteristics of above mentioned Dragon, only difference is that our Goat is earthy and not firey.

Anyone logged into their clock app?  My FYP (for you page for my non-Tiktokers) is full of weight loss programs, exercise programs, 100 day challenges, 30 days of drawing, 120 days of Diamont Painting, Crocheting, Knitting.....etc etc etc.  Man, people really want me to spend dollars on changing myself...

What am I saying?  The New Year is fun, I like beginnings, I like the feeling of starting fresh. I like the rituals of wearing yellow, red, green, blue or pink thongs and making lentil abundance baggies to carry in your wallet/bags to attract wealth.  The reality though, it's still you, in a similar environment and with the same tools you had in 2023.  Change if you want to, change if it feels natural, and always, always be daring enough to try new things.  Just don't fall into the consumerism and the peer pressure of it.

Oh yeah, and while I'm at it, MCC has some awesome coaches and therapists who if you want to make those changes, we can help you.  Also if you don't want to change but are trying something new and want an assist, well, we can do that too.

Happy New Years!

A dark wooden background, with Happy New Year and some greenary.